A Christian teen was killed
teenage Christian girl Killed

Christian teenage girl Ishrat was working as child bondage worker at brick kiln factory and killed by factory owner on May 19, 2014 at Saho ki Malian, district Sheikhupura.
The shameless episode of this inhuman drama happened when Isharat father carrying her sick daughter on bed and reached at the office of the brick kiln factory owner in order to get sympathy because her daughter was sick for the couple of weeks. The owner was angry because she did not come to join the family for making bricks. Her father told that she is sick and not able to work along with them but he did’nt believe it. Isharat was getting sick more and more even she needed to go to hospital for her medical treatment and her family could not do due to living in extreme poverty as well as they are working as forced labor at brick kiln factory.
Today Ishrat father decided to take her daughter along with him and will request to the owner for some money for her treatment because she is going to die.. When he reached at the office of the owner, the owner was shouted him and started to abusing him and her daughter. He did not listen anything but he ordered to his guards to kill him because he is not able to work more for us. They helpless father was crying for help to save her daughter but the guards they rushed toward him and stated to punching him brutally. They also rushed to her daughter for punching and empty hand father could not save her daughter he was beaten. He fell down on her to daughter to protect her from them but they continue beating him and punching him and the meanwhile Ishrat was died because she was already as a serious patient,
This tragic incident was took in the front of the father who want to get some assistance for her medical treatment but he could not save her and she became killed. He was bitterly crying on this horrible and inhuman attitude and behavior of the owner of the brick kiln. Her family was grief and sorrow on the death of their beloved one,

They local people protested against this incident but all in vain due to hopeless, powerless, voiceless and marginalized community
protest for teenage girlprotest in shekhupura for christian girl

in Pakistan. There is no one to raise their voices to get the justice as well as took pity on the grief family.
This is not first incident, Christian community have been facing lot of this kind of incident due to marginalized and voiceless community in Pakistan. Prior to this there were destruction of hundreds of homes in village BahmainWali, Korian, Gojra and Joseph Colony by attack of Muslim mob They set on fire Churches and desecration of Holy Bibles, 7 Christian children, women and elders were burnt alive by Muslim extremists in Gojra.