innocent Irfan Masih   murdered with impunity.

Lahore Pakistan 6/19/2013  Persecution News Updates

few days Back at Local  police station of Sharaq Pure  east of district Shaku Pura Punjab Province Pakistan    bloody ferocious quality Police man Riaz-ud-Din gujjar SHO – Shahbaz waryam and  Ali ASI and other’s they badly persecute to a helpless and innocent to violence Christian young Irfan  to innocent murdered with impunity.

Irfam Masih  which the   age was only 20 years to the Punjab police detente    nine days   without any crime in the police station and in unlawful detention and overwhelming and the  body of violence they did broken his all boons  and the traditional tactics  Irfan the condition which is to see the heart crying .
sadly come to know  that still no one raise this issue and  all are silent political leaders and Human rights Organization’s and Electronic Media as well
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