70 years old Swedish Missionay shot in Lahore passes away in Sweden

Her Brother has been Confirmed on Swedish  Sveriges  television

Sister Bargetta Almby passed away in Sweden  at the Karolinska Hospital  Stockholm  . She was shot  by extremists Taliban in Lahore, Pakistan on December 3. 70-year-old Swedish Christian missionary spent most of her life in Pakistan for the Gospel . She was taken on 10 the Dec to her native Sweden by an air ambulance, but she couldn’t survive.

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15


70 years old Swedish Missionary Bargeeta Almby Shot by Taliban on 3rd Dec 2012 she was hospitalized at Jinah Hospital Lahore for 7 days in Critical Situation
On 10th Dec 2012 Morning the Swedish Missionary Bargeeta Almny sent Back Sweden by Medical Air Ambulance by the arrangements of Swedish Government  From 3 days she was Under the medical Care at her Home Land Sweden Sadly  Today on 12th Dec 2012  by 6pm Swedish time She went Heaven  she left tears in many eyes ..

As they suffer, they will find peace in the fact that as they have suffered with Christ so they will be glorified with Him, being fellow heirs with him (Romans 8:15-17).

LAHORE – A Swedish charity worker who was critically wounded in a gun attack in the city last week On 3rd Dec 2012 by 2:00 pm and she  was flown home on 10th Dec 2012 Monday for specialist medical treatment, officials said. and sadly on 12th Dec 2012 she had died for his Faith and for her Testimony
Birgitta Almby, 72, was coming home from work when she was shot in the chest.
She was working in Lahore for the US-based Full Gospel Assemblies, which describes itself as a “church fellowship” with congregations all over the world.
Chief doctor at Jinnah Hospital said she was still unconscious and her condition was stated to be critical.
“There was a special request from Sweden. They sent a special air ambulance manned by a team of doctors and we shifted her on 10th Dec 2012 ,” he added.
A spokesman for the Full Gospel Assemblies, Pastor Liaquat Qaiser, confirmed that her condition was serious and that she had been flown to Sweden for better treatment.
The organisation runs charities in Pakistan including a technical training institute, adult literacy centre and orphanage. According to police, Almby has been living in Pakistan for 38 years.
Police officer Owais Malik said the culprits had not yet been identified.

some federal Investigations Says through Media Source Taliban are  behind the  Assassination of Bargeeta Almby 
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 he says  we will never be able to forget her. We are praying for her family in  difficult time.she  died late last night at the hospital in Stockholm. She never woke up.
we feel much pain in our heart and sad we could not say goodbye
it was all so unexpected
but we know she is with Jesus now. that is our comfort,.she is safe absolutely now
we feel much pain in our heart and sad we could not say goodbye
it was all so unexpected
but we know she is with Jesus now. that is our comfort,.she is safe absolutely now
God will bring about justice in an unjust world (Psalm 140).

Please pray:

  • Increased persecution will result in increased boldness among the believers (Acts 4:29-31).
  • Believers will echo Peter’s sentiment and determine to obey God regardless of what man says (Acts 5:29).
  • Those who oppress Christians may experience repentance and salvation, just as Paul did. (Acts 9:1-19).
  • Everything they have and even their very lives will mean nothing in comparison with the joy of knowing Christ and sharing Him with others (Acts 20:24).