New Updates of Rimsha Masih 14 year old Blasphemy case of Pakistan
Answered of Prayers !
by the grace of lord Jesus Christ high court Islamabad Pakistan has quashed the 295-b ( blasphemy) Case against the Rimsha Masih Which Proved that in Pakistan Blasphemy Law is Misused for Personal benefits and personal affairs, we are thankful to all who remember Rimsha’a Case in their Prayers all over the World

A glimpse of the young girl's face was captured just before the helicopter took off

ISLAMABAD – Announcing a historic judgement, the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday directed the Islamabad Capital Territory police to quash the first information report registered against 14-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, for blasphemy.The announcement, which sent a wave of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction among the country’s Christian community, came on Tuesday as the Islamabad High Court resumed hearing of the much-hyped blasphemy case. IHC Chief Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rehman remarked that a minor Christian girl was accused of burning papers from the Quran, but there were no witnesses. He ordered the Ramna police to quash the FIR registered against the girl on August 6, 2012, under Section 295-B of Pakistan Penal Code. Following the historic judgement, the family members and relatives of the girl expressed joy and happiness outside the courtroom and hailed the verdict. “It is indeed victory of justice,” Rimsha’s uncle told journalists outside the courtroom. Earlier, on November 13, Rimsha’s counsel argued that the allegations levelled against the accused were baseless and sought dismissal of the case. Following the arguments, the court reserved its judgement and adjourned the hearing until 20 November. On Tuesday, the Islamabad High Court chief justice directed the Ramna police to quash the FIR registered against the Christian girl. Following the court’s notice, the police quashed the FIR against the minor girl on Tuesday afternoon.

Reuters reported that the number of blasphemy cases have been rising in Pakistan, and although the death sentence has never been carried out following conviction, “mobs often take the law into their own hands,” resulting in 52 people being killed after being accused of blasphemy since 1990.

Voice of Persecuted Christian urge to request for Pray according to the word of God

Heb 13:3

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

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