Christian Persecution in Pakistan 

A Senior Citizen Niamat Masih died  after badly beaten by  Punjab Police

Niamat Masih dead body

The Punjab Police of Arifwala Distract Pakpattan Province of Punjab registered a FIR number 509/12 under section 365B PPC against Asif Imran son of Niamat Masih, His sister Maria aged 11 years and Mehwish daughters of Niamat Masih on allegations of abducting Shazia Bibi, a Muslim girl, daughter of complainant Mohammad Ashraf resident of the same Chak No. 149 EB Arifwala, District Pakpattan on 02/10/2012

According to FIR the, occurrence took place on September 24, 2012, In which complainant alleged that the accused persons abducted his daughter Shazia Muslim girl to marry with Asif Imran Christian boy before 10 days.

The police arrested Niamat Masih and tortured him brutally and then the police took physical remand of Niamat Masih from magistrate Arifwala The Magistrate never care about his age and health and involvement in this case the Muslims girl has her own relation with his Son. But Police Magistrate and other Muslim think that is sin and against the honor of Muslim so due to all of these reasons the Magistrate use above the laws and give his 14 days remand to the police. Its proved that only Muslims has living rights in Pakistan then other minorities.

Police tortured him brutally and due to his injuries Niamat Masih became senseless, to see situation the police admitted Niamat Masih in civil hospital Sahiwal where Niamat Masih died due to his injuries.

On October 15, 2012, police brought dead body of Niamat Masih in DHQ hospital Pakpattan for post -mortem where Javed Sahotra Advocate ex member of district goverment of Pakpattan, Rocus Bhatti, Pastor Yaqoob Amanat and many Christians protested in DHQ hospital against the brutal torture by the police on Niamat Masih and demanded to chief minister Punjab for register FIR under section 302 PPC against Police PS Sadar Arifwala.

The death of Niamat Masih proved that Christians is ongoing in hands of Muslim public or Muslim civil servants and justice is never ensured