Christian Persecution in Pakistan

Persecution News update

today on 118 aug 2012  Peter bhatti Chairman International Christian Voice raised the issue about  that another new very unfortunate  Blasphemy case in Pakistan that  Muslims mob Targeted a young Innocent girl   in Pakistan Peter Bhatti more  added with the details and Prayers application

A 11 year old Christian girl with down syndrome named Rimsha daughter of Misrak Masih, resident of Umara Jaffar, sector G12/0 Islamabad, has been falsely accused of burning 10 pages of the Quran. She was arrested on August 17 by the women police station with the FIR no as 303/12 at 6:45 pm. The complainants name is Alsyed Muhammad Ummad. The whole community is now threatened by extremists wanting to burn down the village. 2-300 people have left their homes and are in hiding due to threats from mobs declaring that they will soon attack the village. APMA has been providing for their food expenses since many have left their residents. Dr. Paul Bhatti along with APMA members have so far controlled the sit

uation by reporting the incident to the police.Around 1500 people blocked the roads around the village and burned tires wanting to attack the village. The attack was planned to take place after Friday prayers. Dr. Bhatti has been speaking to Islamic clerics separately and they have agreed so far not to attack.Peter Bhatti International Christian Voice had requested  with international Christian Community  Please pray for Rimsha   and her family along with all the people living in their community. May God soon bring them out of this difficulty time and also give them strength to face this horrible situation. Also pray for Dr. Paul Bhatti and APMA so that God will give them wisdom to take appropriate measures.

International Christian Voice