Christian are not safe in Pakistan

Terrible act by Muslims given Poison to 11 Christian Nurses in Karachi Pakistan

11 Pakistani Christian nurses today  in Karachi to the Civil Hospital in the Hostel, which has been given poison in critical condition of three nurses due to intensive them the Unit (ICU) has been kept in.

Initial evidence that this is extremely regrettable step in Ramadan Muslims days of Fasting  due to the food.

extremest  Muslim did not allow to non muslims allow to eat in the days of their Ramadan Fasting days when they see these Christian nurses eating in their normal life they take revenge and giving them alarming  lessen   they are among Muslim

Non-Muslims in Pakistan on food in days to face severe reaction. The solution can resolve this problem?

What you never had to pass the bitter experience?

Please Pray for Pakitani Christian they are not safe among the Muslims