Christian Persecution in Pakistan
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By  Gul Irfan Khan Lahore Pakistan
Mr Gul Irfan Khan  From Lahore Pakistan make  appeal with the International Communities for the Equal Christian rights in Pakistan  he raised the current issue  About a Christian Brother Asher and his Family those are now Under the Life Threaten by the Muslim who they are Strong land lord of that Area and  Political  empowered  but the other side Asher is very Poor and help less Christian Presently Facing Hardship and seeking the Justice
Mr Gul Irfan he added
AS you know Asher’s wife was in Hospital after beaten by culprit family. She was 5 month’s pregnant with twin baby girls. Yesterday both babies died. Police case is registered against culprits. I learned that rape case was also registered because that incident was happened one month back and attack on family was last week.
I also learned that the boy how raped 13 years girl with other two boys. His father was police officer and his one brother was an ex-Nazim (political figure). They changed facts with the help of police regarding rape case. Remember Culprit family is very rich and influenced and Victimized family is very poor. Please continue your prayers for them and if any body can visit them that will be good or can give them some financial help that will be also appreciated by Jesus. If you want to give them any support please contact them directly. Here is Asher’s cell Number 0344-5218236 at the moment he is in his village Damla,District Narowal for funeral her 2 daughters. GBU all. Gul Irfan khan.

Voice of Persecuted Appeal to Help Asher Family and give Support the Christian Leader Gul Irfan Kahn For rescue and Social help to Helpless Christian

May God bless you