13-year-old Christian girl allegedly raped by three men in Pakistan

By Shamim Masih
Special to ASSIST News Service

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (ANS) — A Pakistani Muslim man, along with two accomplices, allegedly abducted and raped a 13-year-old Christian girl on Thursday, March 29, 2012, according to her uncle, Asher.

The Rev. Gul Irfan Khan of the Local Church, Pakistan, spoke about this sad event on telephone.

He alleged that he had been told that the Muslim man, along with the others, abducted Anisha Moris, 13, the daughter of Moris Masih, a resident of Dhomala Narowal city of Sialkot region of Punjab province, and took her to their place and forcibly raped her.

Mr. Asher had said that the girl went to use toilet in the night time when the Muslims grabbed her and one of them took them on his motorbike and raped her. Two others are also alleged to have been involved in the alleged crime.

Asher said that at first her family thought that she must be to the other house, but when she did not return, “We went out to search for her,” he said.

He added that he spoke with neighbors who told him about one of the alleged culprits and he went to find him and when he eventually found the main alleged rapist, the man promptly ran away hurling death threats at him and threatened to implicate him in police cases. He also told him that he would face “dire consequences.”

The father then reported the matter to the Saddar Police Station, but apparently they did not register a case against this particular man for raping the Christian girl.

The next day, when family found their girl and protested against that alleged attackers, the family was beaten including several women. To make matters worse, Nosheen wife of Asher, who was pregnant, lost her baby after the beating by the Muslim family.

Asher said that they went to the civil hospital for the medical report, but claimed that even then the doctor didn’t give the actual report because he said that “those people are very influential” and apparently he was afraid if he told the truth and did justice, he would suffer.

I personally know that Muslims in these villages are domineering Christians and treat them like slaves. This is because they feel that Christians are socially and financially weaker than Muslims.

Sohail Tariq (SHO) of the Narowal Police Station wrote the statement of the girl under section 164, but so far hasn’t initiated a First Investigation Report (FIR).

The family is in contact with me and I am trying to provide them shelter and justice, which doesn’t seem possible under these kind of circumstances in Pakistan.



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